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Q: How can I find my email account settings and configure them in IncrediMail?

Email account settings are provided by your Email Account Provider and include your username, password and mail servers. When manually configuring your email account in IncrediMail, you need to enter these settings, so that IncrediMail can receive and send your email.

You can easily configure your email account in IncrediMail, even if you do not recall your email settings, by importing your correct email account configuration from your previous email client.

Note: If your email account is not configured in any other email client, please contact your email account provider and ask for your email account settings.

To automatically import your email account settings from your former email client, please follow these steps:
  1. In the IncrediMail main window, click the 'Tools' menu, and select 'Email Accounts...'.

  2. At this point, the 'Mail Accounts' dialog opens. Select the email account (if any) that is not configured correctly, and click 'Remove' to remove the email account.

  3. Click 'Add' to open the 'Account Wizard' dialog, select 'Automatically configure settings' and click 'Next'.

  4. Select your previous email client (with the correctly configured email account), click 'Finish' and click 'OK' to confirm the email account settings import and return to the 'Mail Accounts' dialog.

  5. Select the new email account, click 'Properties', select the 'Servers' tab and verify that your email account password is correct.

  6. Note: Your email account password is provided to you by your email account provider.

  7. Your email account is now configured with IncrediMail and you can start sending and receiving your email using IncrediMail.

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