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Q: How do I save and transfer my IncrediMail content to another computer?

If you installed IncrediMail on another computer, you may wish to transfer your previously downloaded IncrediMail content to this new computer. To transfer your content, you need to save your IncrediMail content folders then retrieve them in the installation of IncrediMail on your new computer.

To do so, follow these simple steps:
  1. Browse to the following location:

    Windows NT, 2000 or XP users: C:\Documents and Settings\Your Logon Name(usually your name)\Local Settings\Application Data\IM

    Note: If you are unable to locate the 'Local Settings' folder, click here.

    Windows 98 or Me users: C:\Windows\Application Data\IM

    Note: If you changed the location of your IncrediMail data folder, please browse to that location.

  2. Copy the following folders to your new computer:

    Animation, Ecard, Emoticons, Image, Skins, Notifier, Letters, Sound.

  3. To retreive your previous IncrediMail content, double-click each folder, select all the files in the folder and press 'Enter' on your keyboard. This will automatically re-installl the content in your new IncrediMail.

    Note: Perform the above action with each folder with content you wish to retrieve.

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