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Q: Why do I receive a 'Security Certificate' alert when I try to send email with my Yahoo account?

Yahoo has begun implementing SSL technology for additional security. This is the reason for the 'Security Certificate'' message received when sending email.

If you have a Yahoo account configured in IncrediMail, please follow these simple steps to correctly set up your account:
  1. Open IncrediMail and click the 'Tools' menu, select 'Accounts...'. Choose your Yahoo account and click the 'Properties' button (marked in red):

  2. At this point, the account settings dialog opens. Click the 'Servers' tab (marked in red) and change the Servers Information (marked in blue) to the following:

    Incoming mail server - ""
    Outgoing mail server - ""
  3. Please click the 'Advanced' tab (marked in red) and mark the 'This server requires a secure connection (SSL)' checkboxs for both your outgoing and incoming mail servers.

  4. Change the SMTP port number to 465 and the POP3 port number to 995, as shown in the image above.

For the official Yahoo article regarding the switch to SSL technology and email account configuration tutorial, please click here.
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