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Q: How do I set or change a password for a specific Identity?

If you want to be the only person who can enter your Identity, or if you have an Identity password but think someone else knows what it is, it is recommended to set a password for your Identity or change your existing password. To set or change an Identity's password, follow these steps:
  1. In the IncrediMail main window, click the 'File' menu, scroll down to 'Identities' and select 'Manage Identities...'.

  2. At this point, the 'Manage Identities' dialog opens. Select the Identity and click 'Properties'.

  3. In the 'Identity Properties' dialog that opens, enter or change the password, click 'OK' and close all the open dialogs.

  4. Your Identity is now password protected. To enter it from now on, you will need to enter your password.

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