Is IncrediMail free of charge?

Yes. The basic version of IncrediMail is available to everyone absolutely free of charge for an unlimited amount of time.

So how does IncrediMail make money?

In addition to the basic version, IncrediMail sells several products and services:

IncrediMail Premium – Upgrades the basic IncrediMail
Letter Creator – Lets you create your own email backgrounds
IncrediBundle – IncrediMail Premium and Letter Creator for a discounted price
Gold Gallery – Huge gallery of the best quality creative content
JunkFilter Plus – Blocks all junk mail from entering your IncrediMail Inbox

For more information about the products we sell, click here.

IncrediMail also sees revenue from advertising in 2 channels:
Web site – Includes standard banner advertisements
Email application – Advertisements displayed ONLY in a designated window (a.k.a. Status Window)

*Ads are only displayed in the free version of IncrediMail

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