Welcome! In this section you will learn how to use IncrediMail. In order to assist you we have gathered the important questions from the IncrediMail Help pages according to topics. Choose a topic below and enjoy your IncrediMail experience!
Composing Email Managing your Email
Style Box and Content Managing your Accounts
Notifiers Address Book
Composing Email

How do I define which Letter will open automatically when I compose an email?
How do I get someone from my Address Book into the "To:" or "Cc:" field in my email message?
How do I create a handwritten signature for my email?
How do I write a "plain text" email?
How do I use the 'Bcc:' function?

Style Box and Content

How do I get additional Letters, Notifiers, Animations, Sounds and Ecards from the IncrediMail Web Gallery?
Where do I find the latest Letters, Animations, Sounds, Ecards and Notifiers?
How do I define which Letter will open automatically when I compose an email?
How do I randomize features in IncrediMail?
How do I insert a sound in the background of my email?
What if I get an email with a new Letter background, Animation or Sound that I would like to keep for future use?
How do I organize my "Style Box"?


How do I set a specific Notifier to notify me according to a specific criterion?
How do I delete a Notifier?

Managing your Email

How do I import email and contacts (addresses) from my old email program to IncrediMail?
How can I sort my email?
How can I automatically sort my email into folders?
How can I sort and organize my IncrediMail folders?
How can I give certain email a color code?
How can I access my email from both IncrediMail and another email client?
Can I control which email I download directly from the server?
How can I backup my IncrediMail data?
How do I transfer all of my IncrediMail files and settings to another computer?

Managing your Accounts

How do I create a new email account?
How do I configure my Hotmail account to work with IncrediMail?
How do I open an account with YAHOO MAIL and configure it to work with IncrediMail?
Can I configure IncrediMail to work with an IMAP account?
If I have several email accounts, how do I control which account I send my email from?

Address Book

How do I find my Address Book?
How do I create a new contact in my Address Book?
How do I delete or edit a contact in my Address Book?
Can I have a contact that contains more than one email address?
How do I insert a contact into my "Key Contacts"?

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