Q: How can I backup my IncrediMail data?

A: IncrediMail has identified the following needs concerning saving your IncrediMail environment for later use:

  1. Saving your IncrediMail data for those unexpected instances where your computer crashes and needs to be formatted.
  2. Formatting your computer and installing IncrediMail on your computer again. This tool saves all the IncrediMail data as it was prior to formatting.
  3. Moving your IncrediMail data to another IncrediMail installation, whether it be on the same computer or a different one.

The Data and Settings Transfer Tool, available from build 1107 and higher (to learn which build of IncrediMail you have installed, click here), was created to help you save your IncrediMail environment (folders, Address Book and account settings), only for the abovementioned purposes.

Note: Implementing this tool will recreate your IncrediMail environment exactly as it was when the file was created. Any changes, like messages you have received and addresses you've added since creating the file, will be ignored and therefore, lost by the restoration of the file.

To learn how to use the Data and Settings Transfer tool, click here.