Q: What is a 'bounce email' and how do I do it?

A: A junk mail sender (a.k.a. spammer) sends unsolicited mail to active email addresses on its mailing list. In order to trick spammers into thinking that your email address is not active, IncrediMail has created a feature called "Bounce Emails", which enables you to send a 'fake' bounce message to the sender. Thus, the spammer is led to believe that the email account is inactive or unrecognized by the server, and in many cases will remove your address from its mailing list. In other words, when you bounce an email there is a good chance that you will no longer receive junk mail from that specific spammer.

Note: To effectively fool the spammer, it is not recommended to perform this action more than once on the same email message.

For every email that you would like to fake bounce;

  • Right-click on the unwanted message and select "Bounce to Sender" (marked in red).

  • At this point, the following dialog will open:

  • Click on "Bounce to Sender" to fake bounce the sender of the email message. Note: You can also delete the message along with bouncing it by clicking on the field "In addition, delete this message" (marked in red).

    An example of a bounced email as the spammer will receive it:

    Note: You can also use this feature directly from within the Advanced Account Access.

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