Q: How do I add a background sound to my email?

You can easily send your recipients an email with a background sound, playing either in a continuous loop or just once. Your email recipients do not have to click the icon at the bottom of your message to hear a background sound - the sound plays when the email is viewed.

To use this feature, make sure to have build 1107 or higher installed (to learn which build of IncrediMail you have installed, click here).

Note: Although IncrediMail can send both '.wav' and '.midi' sound file formats, it is highly recommended that you use '.midi' format because they are usually much lighter in weight.

To add a sound as a background sound, please follow these simple steps:
  1. Select the 'Sound' tab (marked in red) in your Style Box, right-click the sound that you want to play in your email message background and select 'Insert as Background Sound' (marked in blue) to add the sound.

  2. To play the sound in a continuous loop, right-click the sound again and select 'Play Background Sound in Loop' (marked in red).

  3. The sound will continue playing in a loop for as long as the message remains open.

  4. Note: To remove the background sound from the outgoing message simply right-click the sound name and select 'Remove Background Sound'.